Why NoSharp Media?

Why NoSharp Media?

nosharp media beats and instrumentals

Okay — so this is my first official blog post, so bear with me .

First things first, why NoSharp media? I decided to launch NoSharp Media (outside of because it gives me something to do), because it entails all of the things I already love to do at least on a weekly basis like making music/creative content. So why not? I want the world to enjoy what I’ve created just as much as I enjoy creating it.

Launching NoSharp Media is actually harder than I originally thought it would be . Its easy to fathom the idea of just uploading the beats that I have already made and just continue working on new beats to upload, but I soon realized there soooo much more to it than that.

Editing videos, taking pictures , generating thumbnails, not to mention learning Photoshop; it was all fine and dandy with my previous YouTube page, HA. At the same time I had a completely different idea of how I wanted that YouTube set up. If you have not already, go ahead an check it out here . Now it seems like solely maintaining the web site (or maybe just creating it ) has added a lot of work on the back end. What can you say?

If you havent already, checkout NoSharp Media on YouTube!


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