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Hey Everyone


I have uploaded a new video! This instrumental is called Droyds. Its named after the reminiscent thought of robot take over. If you think about it, robots are already taking over. Nowadays we have smart phones, smart speakers, smart cars even. It may not be as obvious, but robots are engraved in our everyday life and probably will be for the rest of humanity.

When you call someone, most likely you would look their name up rather than dialing out the numbers. The days of remembering a sequence of digits and characters is almost over, thanks the microcomputers we carry in our pocket, wear ion our wrists , or just have sitting in our living room on the side table.

What Does Droyds Mean For Us?

Will these little companions ever cause us any harm? I highly doubt it. Will these be used against us however? Absolutely.

As technology progresses, its becoming increasingly popular for companies to sell personal data such as browsing history, purchase history, and even location for their own benefit. This information is most likely used for targeting advertisements to potential customers, which in-turn will drive up profit. As pointed out by Ally Bank here, some information can not be “opted out” for sharing” Pretty smart, huh?

Its not all bad though, as someone who has a degree in computer engineering, I actually think its pretty awesome that computers are becoming somewhat a “way of life”, so to speak.

I for one still have no issue with this. I mean, why would I want to keep seeing advertisements for diapers if I have no kids? The generation we live in now is all about being smart with how we spend our money and in many cases that means selling the right ads to the right people for the cost of privacy of many people.

In any case, enjoy the video! I hope you enjoy vibing to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.