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About Dev

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Meet Dev

Thanks for checking out NoSharp Media! I want to give you a little background about NoSharp Media and Dev as well.

Making music has been a passion of mine since I was at least nine years old, but that is a later story. I have always done band, and most recently about a year ago, started to transfer my musical talents into recorded production. My instrumentals are getting better ever time I make a new production. I always have ideas in my head, the tricky part is just learning software and getting things to work right. Similar to Alpha and Beta stage. At the time of this writing, I would say I am in Beta stage. Well rounded, but not quite refined to where I want to be. There is a lot to expand on.

Outside of music, I am an engineer that specializes in computers by education and trade. I work on servers and computer infrastructure and things similar to that. I guess you could call me an audio/ music engineer as well since the launch of NoSharp Media. Any and all computers are my specialty. You must be smart, they say.
I will tell you that I am as average as the average joe gets. No I do not know how to fix your printer, but Ive got an extensive amount of knowledge on how computers work. For more info you can check me out at nosharp.com.


Since I was about eight or nine, I have been interested in music. I started playing woodwinds such as the clarinet in elementary school through middle school, and in high school I branched off to brass instruments and perfected my craft in the clarinet. My peak is when I played the Brahms Romanza for a senior recital in highschol with my girlfriend who played piano. After high school, I went on to play in the marching band at my college for three years.

While I was in college as a computer engineering technology major, I also did symphonic band and wind ensemble outside of marching band. I was a busy body. No time for alcohol or drugs, band was my fun. I eventually stopped marching band and basketball band during my college my junior year so i could focus on my education. My professors were literally crazy. I remember it to this day, one professor said I cant help you and none of the TA's can help you, so good luck on your exam. Fast forward through my rant and I graduated one year later with a degree in computer engineering technology and enough music credits to be a music minor.


Now that I have a job and can afford all the snazzy music production things I could ever want. I slowly acquired such things after building my own PC (now realizing it needs an upgrade) And here we are January of 2019 with NoSharp Media launched and improving by monumental amounts everyday.

There is a little about myself, you can follow me on Instagram @dev.it_ and twitter @devichris_ AND make sure you follow me on YouTube! www.nosharpmedia.com/youtube

Lastly, Ive just opened a new apparel store online named NoSharp Co. Check it out! https://store.nosharp.com


One last thing that should be mentioned here, whats the meaning behind behind the tags anyway? Theres two.

Computer Engineering, All We Do is Play With Toys: It means just that. computer engineers,or even computer scientists/coders are all geeks/nerds, including myself. So all we do is play with toys!

Devi Free Style But It Ain’t Free: This was something that is derived from the though of making money from doing what you love. Most of the time a rough draft of a product is just a freestyle, but it ain’t free once completed!