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Stream NoSharp Media Music

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All of our music is on posted on YouTube first! If you prefer, you can always stream our music on Spotify Google Play , Amazon Music , Deezer BeatStars and SoundCloud also! All instrumentals can also be licenced for profit use. View our licencing policies here

Master Branch EP:

Description: This is a continuation of the Enterprise Grade EP, yet the style varies vastly. This is the main reasoning for sectioning off this series of music. 

Enterprise Grade EP:

Description: Instrumentals are getting better every time a new production is made. Similar to Alpha and Beta stage. At the time of this writing, I would say is Enterprise Grade. Well rounded, well refined group that can adhere to many different scenarios.


Beta Stage EP:

Description: The beta Stage EP is what I call the second iteration. It is the second phase of the learning curve, where not only do you have all of your ideas ready to go, but you also know how to thoroughly use the software. I will go on to say that there are hidden gems in this extended playlist. Enjoy.


Initial Commit EP: 

Description: The initial commit ep is a compilation of my very first instrumentals and beats. They contain attributes of a very unskilled engineer who at the time went through learning how to make beats, although the ideas in the music are completely original. Listen at your own risk.


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