Sample Packs Available Soon

Sample Packs Available Soon

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Happy Tuesday ! I have some new and exciting update for NoSharp Media . I am happy to announce that soon, NoSharp Media will provide production quality sample packs. Initially, we will release percussive / drum sample packs. Soon after we we will then branch into releasing midi pack packs and orchestral samples. All of the new samples released will be featured in my new music so everyone will have a chance to hear it first hand before purchasing.nosharp media sample packs

We have just concluded the Instrumental series `Beta Stage` and are now beginning the starting phases of `Enterprise Grade`. This series will consist of instrumentals that will truly depict the core value of our music, creativity, and style. The first instrumental that will drop will be called Sea Plus, a pun on the coding language C++, which I learned in college. FUN stuff!

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