About Us FAQ | Caterer of Sound | Music Production

About Us FAQ | Caterer of Sound | Music Production

Who is NoSharp Media?

NoSharp Media, aka The Caterer of Sound , is a group of musicians and producers dedicated to creating original sounds with a focus on music production. NoSharp Media provides instrumentals of many different genres including classically inspired Hip Hop Rap EDM and Pop style. On January 1st 2019, the group was founded by Dev ; a producer, performer and composer in Virginia Beach, Virginia . In addition to creating beats and instrumentals, the group also creates original sound samples for other producers to purchase for their music production endeavors.

Making music has been a passion of ours long before the group was created, but that is a later story. We have always been in music, and most recently about a year ago, started to transfer musical talents into recorded production.
Instrumentals are getting better every time a new production is made. Similar to Alpha and Beta stage. At the time of this writing, I would say is Enterprise Grade. Well rounded, well refined group that can adhere to many different scenarios.

Whats with the corny titles?

To this date, all of the beats and sample packs created by NoSharp Media have been named after technical terms, and phrases as an inspiration. An Example of this naming convention is the instrumental PEBCAK, coined after the phrase,  The problem exists between the chair and keyboard.

Outside of creating their own music, NoSharp Media provides Mix and Mastering Services, to help other engineers get the most out of their creations. The group also provides various instrument such as piano, clarinet, flute, and guitar lessons throughout the Hampton Roads area.


Where is our actual music?

All of our music is on posted on YouTube first! If you prefer, you can always stream our music on Google Play , Amazon Music , Deezer BeatStars and SoundCloud also! All instrumentals can also be licenced for profit use. Find out more of where to stream or buy our music here .


Who do I Contact For Business Inquiry?

You can reach out to us by email at info@nosharpmedia.com





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