NoSharp Media Beatstore Now Features Bulk Deals.

NoSharp Media Beatstore Now Features Bulk Deals.

Welcome to NoSharp Media, also known as The Caterer of Sound !

Here you can find instrumentals and beats of many different genres including Classically Inspired, EDM , Trap, Rap, HipHop, and Pop style. We are proud to announce that we now feature bulk deals in our beatstore!


Here’s how it works:

When purchasing 3 or more beats, a discount of 25% will automatically be applied! **
If you purchase 11 or more beats, a discount of 50% will be applied! **

If you are an artist, rapper, singer or songwriter that is looking for a diverse set of instrumentals or you are just looking for a dope beat to rap with, feel free to contact us by email, phone, or our website! Check out our videos and subscribe ! Computer Engineering all we do is play with toys. Devi free style but it ain’t free.

Check out our beats and see how you can save with bulk deals!



** Note: This does not include our mix and mastering service or the full production service.

Written and performed by Dev


Twitter : @nosharpmedia

Instagram : @nosharpmedia


Snapchat: @nosharpmedia





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