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New Video! 741

There is a new video posted! Head over to NoSharp Media on YouTube and check it out! This instrumental is inspired by the tone played when you enter a 711 convenience store. This could be be recognized as music played in early retro videos games. It honestly reminds me of pacman or ski-free. What can…
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Why NoSharp Media?

Okay — so this is my first official blog post, so bear with me . First things first, why NoSharp media? I decided to launch NoSharp Media (outside of because it gives me something to do), because it entails all of the things I already love to do at least on a weekly basis like…
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NoSharp Media Has Launched!!

NoSharp Media is a music group based in Virginia Beach, Virginia dedicated to the growth of the today’s┬ámusic industry. Here you can find instrumentals of many different genres including classically inspired hip hop and pop style. Introducing The Caterer of Sound, bringing new age media to the forefront of today’s music industry.

Lights, Camera, Action

Getting ready to film the first video for NoSharp Media Lights – check! Camera – check! Action – check? …. has launched!

My initial store will feature instrumentals Ive created recently, there will be more content and products released regularly . Be sure to check back often for new releases!