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Buy 1 Beat Get 1 Free. Deals on all Beats! Buy HipHop and Popular Beats

Welcome to NoSharp Media, also known as The Caterer of Sound ! Here you can find instrumentals and beats of many different genres including Classically Inspired, EDM , Trap, Rap, HipHop, and Pop style. We are proud to announce that we now feature bulk deals in our beatstore!   Here’s how it works: When purchasing…
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About Us FAQ | Caterer of Sound | Music Production

Who is NoSharp Media? ‘NoSharp Media‘ , aka The Caterer of Sound , is a group of musicians and producers dedicated to creating original sounds with a focus on music production. NoSharp Media provides instrumentals of many different genres including classically inspired Hip Hop Rap EDM and Pop style. On January 1st 2019, the group…
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Sample Packs Available Soon

  Happy Tuesday ! I have some new and exciting update for NoSharp Media . I am happy to announce that soon, NoSharp Media will provide production quality sample packs. Initially, we will release percussive / drum sample packs. Soon after we we will then branch into releasing midi pack packs and orchestral samples. All of…
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NoSharp Media is Now Social!

NoSharp Media is now on all the social things including YouTube Soundcloud Twitter Beatstars and Facebook! Twitter Check us out on Twitter @nosharpmedia. There you will be able to see regular updates (pretty much anything not on the blog). or Instagram NoSharp Media is also now on Instagram of course again @nosharpmedia or…
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About Dev

Meet Dev Thanks for checking out NoSharp Media! I want to give you a little background about NoSharp Media and Dev as well. Making music has been a passion of mine since I was at least nine years old, but that is a later story. I have always done band, and most recently about a…
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Ups and Downs

First things First ! The Caterer of Sound is back with a new video! This time I took the extra time and effort to learn more video effects for all the viewing pleasure. Learning adobe after effects is actually not that bad once you get the hang of it. Who would have known all it…
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NoSharp Media provides free beats and instrumentals of many different genres including classically inspired Hip Hop Rap EDM and Pop style. Hey Everyone   I have uploaded a new video! This instrumental is called Droyds. Its named after the reminiscent thought of robot take over. If you think about it, robots are already taking over.…
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Why NoSharp Media?

Okay — so this is my first official blog post, so bear with me . First things first, why NoSharp media? I decided to launch NoSharp Media (outside of because it gives me something to do), because it entails all of the things I already love to do at least on a weekly basis like…
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Lights, Camera, Action

Getting ready to film the first video for NoSharp Media Lights – check! Camera – check! Action – check? …. has launched!

My initial store will feature instrumentals Ive created recently, there will be more content and products released regularly . Be sure to check back often for new releases!